Google is trying with Discover widgets New Look cards On desktop

This Google homepage will always be noted for having a simple UI with a search area at the top. Google Search is now testing a set of widgets on the desktop browser for a Discover-like experience.

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This cards may be seen at the bottom of In the bottom-right corner, there’s a “Hide content” button, and Google notes your zip code/city and says the information is “based on your prior behaviour.” Six cards are available when the window is completely extended, and they all expand on hover.

Google Search

Google Search widgets on desktop web



🔎What to Watch


🔎Local Events


Tapping brings up the full site result, along with the Knowledge Panel card and/or Google Search experience. The number of cards displayed is determined by the size of your screen, and there is no way to navigate between them without physically enlarging the window.

Google Search

Today, we’re only seeing this on two Google Accounts, across several signed-in devices. As a result, this is most likely a test to see if a complete rollout is necessary.

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This gives users a Google Discover-like experience without requiring them to wade through yet another feed. Back in 2018, the business was certain that Discover would not be going to the desktop browser – just mobile.

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What Google Search is trying today is similar to widgets in that it adds functionality to a popular online destination without interfering with the clean user experience. Of course, the weather is the most helpful feature, and this is a preferable alternative to the increasingly crowded Chrome New Tab page. It also has a resemblance to the iGoogle dashboard.

Upcoming Google Pixel 6 teaser release.

 Google has released a new trailer for its upcoming Pixel 6, which includes footage of how the smartphone is used in the real world. The entry comes a little over a month after Google released the first official images of the upcoming device, showing rather than actual photographs. On its Instagram page, Google also teased the phone in a new post that may provide some hints as to when its official launch might take place after “this fall.”

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As noted by Android police, the clock widgets in these images show the date as “Tuesday 19”. And yes, October 19 falls on Tuesday. That’s a bit later than when Google announced the Pixel 5 last year (September 30).

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